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ET58:: Indian couple convicted in Norway for alleged child abuse

copy-ek-tamacha-logo-no1.jpgThe Norway  authorities have now sentenced the Indian Couple. The court awarded 15-month jail to Anupama Vallabhaneni and sentenced her husband, Chandrasekhar, to 18 month in jail.


  1. Its a shame that the Norway laws do not consider the fact that there are small children who are going to be devoid of parental attention if the parents are jailed. Already the children have been affected. (read point 5)
  2. Its a shame that while they did not help the parents when they approached the Authorities for help with their son because they were not permanent, and now they punish them like any other permanent resident!
  3. The kids were anyway out of India, in a new place with working parents, has that psychology been taken into account?
  4. The kids were said to have been suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder after he was taken away from his parents. Is this the way to get them attentive, by sending them away from parents to keep them safe?
  5. Repeated inputs from child psychologist in India stating that the Kids are missing their parents, specially the 2 year girl, has not been taken into consideration.
  6. The Parents were called back to Norway and then arrested, this is even more stupid!! The parents were back with their kids and went back in full faith to attend the hearing!!
  7. Have they never scolded their kids? Or have they never wet their pants? – No wonder they make laws like this.
  8. In this manner, all parents in India will be in Jails, if such a rule is to apply here!

The Norway Authorities have done this the second time. Is the Indian Government sleeping? Or is TCS, the company that employed the father?

ek-tamacha-logo-no1.jpgFor the The Norway Authorities for believing their laws are great – Ek ” Earth Rocking” Tamacha

For the The Indian Government for doing nothing, specially for sake of the kids – Ek “Resounding” Tamacha



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