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ET70 :: Shocking : Brutal Gang-rape in Delhi bus, Woman critical

ek-tamacha-logo-no1.jpgNew Delhi: In a shocking incident, a 23 year old medical student was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus by six men. So brutal was the rape that the women has had to undergo a 4 hour operation and has been kept in an ICU under critical condition, with severe damage to the intestines and genital area. The girl is currently on ventilator. The women’s friend who was with her had also been beaten up and is critical with several head injuries.

The police is said to have arrested three prime accused in this shocking case. The driver of the bus and his brother are the ones who have been arrested.

TamachaView: The Administration must look at this as a heinous crime and take all steps to bring the culprits to book. Now that the CCTV footage and the arrests would provide to be helpful, we are hoping that this crime will not go unpunished. For the judiciary, rape may be  a common crime, but we are hoping this will be treated as rarest-of-rare case and the culprits are given sentence commensurate with the brutality of the crime committed.  

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