About Ek Tamacha

The Enigma called the World..and a fallacy called Humans.

That is reason enough, for the chaos we see around us. What we are witnessing is a systematic erosion of values, of attitudes and of Humanity. A decaying of mindsets, of abilities, of knowledge which culminates in the transcendence to sins. However, just once, hold on till you certify it on relevance to your lives. What we know of all of the above, are from the different sources of media.

Have you ever been a part of a News, ever felt an inclination to react to a news? Whether near you or from far? Hasn’t there been occasions when you wanted to voice an opinion. There would have been many happenings around this world of yours…that we just DO NOT appreciate or like. The human mind and heart burns, tosses and turns over some of the daily happenings around us. There has to be a way of venting the anger, by a simple slap, on the face of the happening!

Ek Tamacha is an Opinion Junction…and that too using a gesture..this time it is not a “Like” button that you press….There is a “Slap” vote that you have to choose..but you get to do it only once..for that should be enough!

Don’t like a news…Ek Tamacha….!

Don’t like something or someone, Ek Tamacha…!

Don’t want to talk about it….Ek Tamacha!!

Or a big Shabaash (Pat it)…if you agree with the something or someone. Of course you have the right to opinion…whether for or against!! Take your time – read it  yourself – opinionate angrily, if you feel the need!! We leave it to you.

Make it “Hard”!



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